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We take pride in all we offer giving you an exceptional service

Discover the History of Blast Spray Polish

We are a small dedicated family run business employing a professional, highly skilled team who take pride restoring cast iron furniture.

At Blast Spray Polish we offer a specialised cast iron radiator, fireplace and Garden Furniture restoration service at our workshops located in Basildon, Essex. We have a new built to spec spray booth, polishing workshops, a massive blasting unit, and general workshops for repairing/building old and new radiators. This is where we provide our abrasive blasting, metal polishing and re-coating services.

Dan Neate has been active in the architectural salvage world for over 20 years. His previous employment as manager, with one of London’s largest architectural salvage dealers LASSCO selling antiques and curiosities to the rich and famous, gives him the experience and knowledge to direct BSP.

During his employment with LASSCO they offered him the opportunity to start his own business concentrating on the restoration side of the antiques business.
Specifically concentrating on restoring original cast iron radiators, fireplaces & taps and so Blast Spray & Polish was formed.

He bought out his partner in the early years giving away the tap restoration side of the business. Dan knew he could make the business flourish on his own and become a lot more productive concentrating on the restoration of Radiators and fireplaces.

Dan has now been in this business for over 20 years. Dan is well respected in the Architectural world all over the UK.

We restore radiators for various architectural establishments and even supply a well known heating company with polished finishes on their own modern cast Iron radiators that they sell through various wholesalers.

Dan has exceptional knowledge when it comes to radiators. Dan has been restoring, resizing & fixing radiators and fireplaces for 10+ years and his knowledge is second to none.

The trade come to him for expert restoration needs & advice as well as designers and contractors. Private clients also find his advice and service second to none.

Dan has a wealth of experience helping customers with their specific needs from help with choosing the right colour/finishes, to talking through different styles and working out prices for contractors, trade, Interior Designers, and private individual customers. We can cater for every type of budget.

Our staff are fully trained by Dan and are all thoroughly competent in the restoration of radiators, fireplaces and garden furniture.

We pride ourselves on giving that personal service.

We have a great team in the workshops who all are long standing employees who take care in everything they do. We feel very lucky to have them.

Shaun is our very knowledgeable Workshop manager who has worked for us for over 10 years.

Christina Neate, (Dan’s wife & Company Secretary) she has a BA (Hon’s) Degree in “Textile & Surface Decoration” graduating in 2002

Dan personally runs the entire business so you get a very personal and direct service.

We are happy to help with any enquiry you may have and will be happy to assist in any way we can.

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Selected Projects

See what we’ve been working on.
Artisan Dan meticulously restoring a detailed cast iron garden chair at Blast Spray Polish.
A customer wanted her worn, rust and paint flaking garden furniture restored. We blast cleaned off all the ageing paint and corrosion,giving us a clear surface to then get powder coated. For all garden furniture that we restore we  blast clean, prime with a powder coat primer and top coat with an outdoor grade polyester powder […]
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Circular cast iron radiator completely refurbished and polished in our workshops for a trade customer.
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Here at Blast Spray Polish we restored these original cast iron radiators which went through our rigorous restoration process and then were expertly painted in our clients choice of colours.
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Old Original cast iron radiators fully restored at our workshops in Basildon, Essex and painted in a specialist paint to match the beauty of this old church in Westminster, London’s interior.
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Restoring these 9 column original cast iron squat radiators were a challenge for our team as they were so big, heavy and very difficult to manoeuvre but we did not let them defeat us!
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Building contractors come to us regularly when they have big contracts for restoration projects and they are in need of someone to restore radiators. We are their first point of contact.
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We take pride in the service we provide