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Professional restoring a vintage cast iron radiator with spray paint

Professional Radiator Restoration: The Blast Spray Polish Difference

19th June 2024
Professional Radiator Restoration: The Blast Spray Polish Difference When it comes to radiator restoration, the temptation to tackle the job yourself might be strong. However, the precision and expertise offered by professional services like those at Blast Spray Polish far outweigh the initial allure of a DIY project. Here’s a deeper look into why our […]

Why Classic Column Radiators & Modern Interiors Are a Match Made in Heaven

23rd May 2024
Bringing Timeless Warmth to Contemporary Spaces At Blast Spray Polish, we understand that blending the old with the new creates interiors that are not only functional but also enchantingly aesthetic. One of the most striking examples of this blend is the integration of classic column radiators into modern living spaces. Here’s why these traditional heaters […]

Enhancing Environmental Impact and Sustainability at Blast Spray Polish

26th April 2024
In the realm of radiator restoration, environmental considerations are increasingly at the forefront of consumer and service provider priorities. At Blast Spray Polish, the commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of metal finishing processes is evident in every project undertaken. This blog explores the eco-friendly practices integral to our radiator restoration services, highlighting […]