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Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on restoring cast iron radiators, where we blend traditional techniques with expert insights. This guide is tailored for both DIY enthusiasts and those considering professional services, like the skilled team led by Dan Neate at Blast Spray Polish. In this blog we are going to discuss the pros and […]
We were featured on George Clarkes new series ‘Old House,New Home’ on  Channel 4. Dan Neate the Owner and Director of,  ‘Blast Spray Polish LTD’ showed George Clarke how to restore original cast iron radiators bringing new life back into what is a prestigious symbol of a period home. George Clarke spoke to Matt Tree, […]
PetalProof Super 8 Films came into film us working for the morning! We were approached by Joanne Colley of PetalProof Super 8 Films, a London based Super 8 film maker who wanted to film radiator restoration, which is of particular interest to her. Of course we were delighted to have someone show such interest in […]

Packaging radiators

25th September 2023
We are highly skilled in manoeuvring very heavy cast iron radiators.It’s what we have done for years! We don’t ever get complacent. We are very aware that each individual radiator that comes to us for restoration is a very important part of someone’s home interior. So every radiator gets our full attention, careful handling and […]
A customer had brought in an old garden bench that he had had for many years and had a sentimental connection with.
We are now so excited to be selling our own range of beautifully made new cast iron radiators. Check out our two different styles.