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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a little help and advice? Search our Frequently Asked Questions.
Why are you called Blast Spray Polish Ltd?
When we took on the business from LASSCO we decided to call the business Blast Spray and Polish Ltd because it describes exactly what we do and when abbreviated to BSP it also stands for British Standard Pipe which refers to the technical standard for the screw threads & fittings used in Original Cast Iron Radiators and pipe fittings.   
What is an original cast iron radiator?
We would class an original cast iron radiator as anything manufactured before the decline in popularity of cast Iron radiators in the 1950’s when pressed steel became more favourable.They were designed and made by different companies such as Ideal Standard , Crane, The National radiator Company, The American Radiator Company and Beeston.
How long do cast iron radiators last once restored
Cast iron radiators are designed to withstand the test of time and can be used and function in any hot water heating system. Many of the radiators we restore were manufactured 100 years ago or more and although cosmetically they may look very tired once we have completed our restoration works we would expect them to continue to heat our homes for many years more.
Why should I invest in restoring an old radiator?
Restoring existing radiators not only keeps feature elements of your property but also has potential cost savings not to mention the lower carbon footprint compared to purchasing new radiators.
How do you paint a radiator?
All radiators are primed upside down and the the right way up and then a top coat is applied the same fashion.
Can you colour match a certain paint colour?
Of course yes, we can even colour match to a piece of fabric or sample sent in to us.
Can you restore reproduction radiators?
Yes indeed we can. These can be fully restored and painted or polished depending on what finish you chose. Although some more modern radiators may require additional works.
Can you restore flat panel radiators?
Yes, although they go through a slightly different restoration process to cast iron radiators we can prepare them paint them a colour of your choice.
Can you restore steel column radiators?
Yes, although they go through a similar radiator restoration process to flat panelled radiators.
Can you restore old cast iron radiators?
This is what we specialise in and are experts in. There is nothing we don’t know about cast iron radiators. The trade use us as well as private clients.
Why buy an original cast iron radiator from Blast Spray Polish?
You can certainly get cheaper radiators from auctions , or from reclamation yards but we find when customers do this it can often lead to costing more as the history of the radiator is unknown and any additional work required will add to the restoration costs. Buying a radiator from Blast Spray polish you are buy with the confidence it has been professionally restored and carries a Guarantee.   
Will you come out to advise on the best radiators for each room?
We are able to offer a consultation service with in person for larger projects or you can send us your plans and we can calculate heat requirements and suggest radiators from our vast stocks.
What is a bleed valve?
A “Bleed valve” or “Air Vent” is a small valve fitted to a radiator used to allow the air to escape the radiator & heating system when being filled up. It is very important to bleed the air from a heating system to remove air pockets that can make cold spots and reduce efficiency.
How do I bleed a radiator?
Open the air vent / bleed valve slightly with a cloth underneath to allow any trapped air to escape closing when no more air escapes and is followed by water.
What size radiator do I need?
The is determined by the type of room and size of room. If you need help with this please contact us.
Can you pressure test my radiator?
Yes, we hydraulically pressure test most cast iron radiators to 5 bar which is more than the pressure of most domestic heating systems. We do this to ensure that if a radiator is going to leak it leaks in our workshops and not in your home.
Can you remove the dirt and sludge from an old radiator?
Yes, We have a high pressure hot water cleaning system that removes all slit, debris and sludge out of each radiator that comes to us for restoration.
What colours can I choose from?
We have our house colours, RAL Classic colour chart , Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Paper and paint Library to name a few.
How long will it take for my radiators to be restored?
Depending on work load you can expect your radiators back within 2-3 weeks.
Do you offer collection and delivery service?
We offer a collection a delivery’s service in a around London, Kent and Essex and the surrounding M25 area with our own vehicles and team. For further a field radiators can be collected & returned via an insured pallet service.
Do you buy old cast iron radiators?
Yes, We do buy old radiators. Please send us an email with an image attached and we will let you know if we are interested and give you a price.
Do you offer a plumbing service?
No we do not offer a plumbing service all radiators must be fully disconnected and ready for collection.
How do you chose between a thermostatic and manual valve?
Most modern buildings regulations will stipulate a thermostatic valve for their efficiency as they will self regulate each room individually from the main thermostat.
Do you powder coat radiators?
No, we do not powder coat radiators. We only wet spray radiators. The high temperatures involved in the baking process of powder coating can over heat the gaskets between sections burning them out and cause a good radiator to leak.
Can you repair a leaking radiator?
Yes we can fully repair most cast iron radiators
What is a reducing bush?
Reducing bushes are fitted to cast Iron radiators to allow different pipe sizes and or valves to be fitted. As standard we reduce most radiators down to 1/2” or 15 mm but can fit larger sizes if your system requires something different.
Do you use Farrow and Ball paint?
Yes, we do use Farrow And Ball paint.
Do you use Little Greene Paint?
Yes, we do use Little Greene paint

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