Metal Polishing

All types of metals can be polished to a high standard including Brass, Copper, Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminium. Various different finishes can be achieved including Mirror, Burnished  & Antique.

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled polishers who can restore all types of metal in our polishing workshops here in Basildon, Essex.We regularly polish Cast iron fire surrounds, grates, combination grates and we specialise in the polishing of cast iron radiators.

We offer three levels of finish.

1. Our Burnished polished finish, giving you a traditional & authentic look.( Price per section from £16+vat)

2.Our High Shine polished finish,giving an almost Chrome look.( Price per section from £22+vat)

3. Our Antique polished finish, where the finish shows up the imperfections in the casting giving it a real industrial, understated finish.( Price per section from £14+vat)

We also have a lacquering service which we can spray over polished items to give them longevity.

We can polish stainless steel exhaust systems, aluminium  automotive & motorcycle parts.We even polish metal furniture.

Call or email Dan Neate on 020 8694 8831 for further information and pricing.