Abrasive Blasting

At our workshops we offer comprehensive Abrasive Blasting which is also known as Sand blasting, Grit Blasting, Shot Blasting or Media Blasting

Here at BSP we regularly sand blast metalwork and timber removing old layers of paint and debris. Some of metal items we regularly blast clean are classic car chassis and parts, vintage scooters, cast iron radiators, railings, fireplaces, cast iron cisterns, lamp posts, pillar boxes, motorcycle parts, and push bike frames.This is undertaken in our large capacity blasting unit (4.5m x 3m x3m) using a Chilled Iron media.

We can distress or clean old and new timbers to produce astounding decorative effects. See our Scenery & Set Blasting page for more information on this.

We have dedicated equipment  offering specialist finishes to clean delicate items which our regular blasting process may be to aggressive for. This equipment allows us to use different medias to suit different applications. Such as Glass Bead, Aluminum Oxide, Crushed Glass, and Plastic Bead to name a few.
If you require further information and details on pricing, please call Dan Neate at the workshops on 020 8694 8831.