Wandsworth Town Hall.

We have had an order from Wandsworth Town Hall civic suite to restore all their old cast iron radiators.There was around 40 of them.

We set to work.

We flushed out all the old silt and old deposits which had built up over the years (there was a lot!!!) blasted off all rust and old paint,then we primed them, pressure tested them all, and finally we gave them a good couple of top coats.

During the restoration process many of these radiators we found had holes and damage in.

Our experts here at BSP were able to fix and mend them back to their original state.

Some were painted jet black,others old penny bronze,sage green and some cream.

They really do look fantastic.

They have given us permission next week to take pictures of these in situe.

We don’t normally get to see radiators in there own location after we have restored them, so this will be a great privilege for us.

Look out for the pictures.

Full images

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