Refurbished Fireplace

Take a look at this Victorian combination grate. We have now fully restored it, fitted new bars, & filled in cracks along the sides of the fire brick, where the heat had caused distortion.Finishing it in a beautiful Matt Ivory paint and matt black inside.

Our customer enquired whether we had any fireplaces that would fit his room, giving us specific measurements.

We looked among our specially selected range of un-restored inserts, combination grates and found this one.

It had been painted originally.Covered in dirt and rust reclaimed from an old Victorian London home.

Our customer requested it to be painted in an Ivory and the inside a matt black.An unusual request, as we normally polish these intricate fireplaces, especially the heavily embossed fireplaces.But I have to say I loved the finish of this. Simply stunning. No fuss.

Take a look at the pictures below, it shows you the stages of the Fireplace Restoration.

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