Polished Flat Panel Radiator

This old 5 panelled flat cast iron radiator was delivered to us.Our customer wanted it all fully restored and polished.

The bleed valve had been damaged and needed replacing. It was full of thick black silt that had built up over many years.

So we set to work.

We flushed out all the old built up silt, replaced the bleed valve, blasted off all the old paint,rust and corrosion.This gave us a lovely surface to start polishing on.

I must say its looking AMAZING.I am really pleased with how the surface has now got a beautiful  reflective quality.

Dave is on his forth polish to it now. Dave’s getting our polishing tool carefully into all the ridges and groves which is extremely difficult.This takes a lot of precision and patience.Dave is highly skilled and has made this old radiator into a work of art.

Soon we will have it ready for our customer to enjoy in his home. As well as it looking stunning, it should produce a lot more heat making it more efficient now all the silt has been flushed out.

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