Monteverdi Fissore 1963

We had a customer today bring in a Chrysler V8 engine from a Monteverdi Fissore 1963. Wanting it blast cleaned.

This car is undergoing a full restoration by our customer.

He had prepared the engine for our blasting process by covering up all inlets, as well as tapping up all delicate areas. This is always the customers responsibility. Our customers wanting blasting work carried out on delicate items MUST cover up all parts they don’t want to get blasted. The high powered jet allowing grit to pass through,will get everywhere during the process and if not covered will get inside and can cause damage.

Our customers are made aware of the process. These types of items involve careful and accurate handling.Lots of attention to detail.

Blasting involves a high powered jet of grit that is designed to take off all residue paint & corrosion and can in some cases damage, distort or bend parts especially if the item is old, thin,worn or corrosion has taken hold.

This engine we blasted on  a low gentle pressure using eco-friendly recycled crushed glass.

This crushed glass is made from recycled bottled glass which is proved to have non hazardous and non toxic properties.Glass works extremely well for removing thick, stubborn, tough coatings and gives a lovely smooth finish.

Take a look at the before and after pictures to see how the paint has been blasted off using this technique.

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