Massive Cast Iron Radiators

We have just finished restoring  6 qty x 9 column squat radiators which were 2 meters long each!

We arranged collection of these radiators for a building contractors based in Ingatestone, Brentwood in Essex.

He was contracted to carry out some re-decorating and repair work in two schools in London.

This set of six radiators were for one school.

We collected them initially and they were then brought to the workshop here in London to be fully restored and painted in white.

We flushed them out,clearing all the silt that had built up,we then blast cleaned them.(You can see in the before photos how they looked! All the years of coats and coats of paint that had been brushed on.) We then primed them all with an anti corrosive primer.

Then we carried out the pressure testing process where we found 2 radiators, end leg section had cracks in which we took off and replaced.We also found that in four of the radiators they were weeping from some of there gaskets. So we had to put each individual radiator on a fernox loop to re- activate them.This did not work on 2 of the radiators and so we had to take them apart at each individual section that was leaking and replace the gasket.

These radiators took a lot of time to fix, being very heavy, awkward radiators they were a challenge! but with our skills and knowledge,this did not defeat out team. Each and every radiator was fixed we took a lot of care and time over each individual radiator.

They were then ready to paint white.

These radiators were very heavy and hard to manoeuvre it took a lot of time and patience from our team. They now look fantastic!

Take a look at how we manoeuvred them outside our workshops ready for delivery.

We use Chris a reliable independent courier for all large collection & deliveries that we can’t manage to fit in the work transit van.

He has a big Luton van with a tail lift.This comes in extremely handy for large radiators such as these.


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