Graphite Grey 9 Column

We are in the process of restoring three short 9 column radiators for a customer.

Our customers are in a hurry for them, so we have got stuck into them straight away.

They came into us Tuesday and Dan has already flushed them out, carefully removing the existing reducing buses to allow us to flush the radiator completly and then re fitted them (requested by the customer) in their original positons.

Niall has blasted them. They have been pressure tested, all looking good so far!

We have then primed them let them dry overnight.

We now have started giving these radiators fine coats of paint letting them dry in-between layers.

See how we do it

The pictures below show them primed in a light grey & pressure tested.

You can also see how our experts here spray paint using our custom ‘Graphite Grey’(designed by our team).
‘This colour has been formulated to be used as a pretty good alternative to having a radiator polished.
Radiators that are polished are beautiful but for some households not practical.
Through talking to our customers finding out what they want we came up with this solution.

The painted radiator that looks like its polished!

You can have them in your bathroom or kitchen without the worry of the moist air eventually turning them rusty which they can do without the care and attention they need.
A suitable alternative that looks fantastic!!!!’

Some say it gives you a real industrial look.

Our team here in London have had years of experience painting radiators and the finish really is second to none.

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