Gary Webb-A Work of Art

We had the pleasure of assisting Gary Webb an international artist working in London.

He brought along to our workshops his large angular aluminium sculpture for blasting.

Gary Webb has exhibited his works of art throughout the world from The Sculpture Park and Museum, Massachusetts, USA, The Approach, London, UK Bortolami Gallery, New York, USA to The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK.

Every inch of this sculpture you could tell, took absolute precision to build.

Gary wanted a smooth finish to the aluminium and had to be blasted evenly all over.We did this with a low pressurised jet of our eco-friendly recycled crushed glass medium.

Every inch blasted by us had to be perfect, to show it off to its full potential and to fit Gary’s design brief. This we took on board and followed to the best of our abilities.

He told us he planned to fit individual pieces of cut glass in-between each section.You can imagine the linear effect this would have and how it’ll change form in different light.

I can’t wait to see it finished, if we are lucky Gary may send us in a finished picture of the piece in situ.

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