Fireplace Insert Restoration

We are specialists in fireplace restoration and can repair almost all types of inserts and fire grates.

These photos show the original insert damaged and corroded.The paint worn off and turning rusty.

Our experts here at our London Workshops set to work straight away, to carefully and lovingly bring it back to life, to be enjoyed once more.

David carefully blast cleaned the insert removing all rust, old paint and corrosion.

Dave his dad! (yes, we  have a great father and son team here!)  repaired the broken fire brick at the back of the insert and made a brand new damper plate from scratch.

David then finished this with Iron paste,sometimes known as Zebo or Zebrite. Using a soft brush and some good old fashioned elbow grease giving it a lovely traditional pewter finish. Just like the Victorians would have done all those years ago.

Full images

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