Blasted Furniture

Here at BSP we have the equipment to blast any solid wooden furniture/pieces.

Any solid wooden pieces can be distressed by blasting to give amazing results.

You can have things finely blasted to give a smooth texture or blasted quite heavily to give the distressed shipwreck kind of feel.

A lot of set designers for West End theatre productions use us to blast planks of wood for stage design.

We can take it right back to the original wood which shows all the light natural grain.

With furniture we can wax it to give the furniture protection and this looks fab.

Customers are coming in more and more with this type of project as it gives old furniture/old or new wood a modern feel.

Pictures show a 1950′s sideboard  that has had its old coat of varnish blasted off.

This has revealed the natural grain allowing it to fit into a modern interior.

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