Before polishing

We are going to hand polish these radiators.

We’ve removed the old fittings, then flushed out the radiator with a high pressure hot water to remove any silt and old deposits that may have buiilt up.We then fitted new 1/2″ reducing bushes ready to accept modern 15mm valves.We then checked for cracks and defects.

We then moved them into our large capacity blasting unit where all layers of paint and rust are carefully removed.

We then move them across to our spray booth where Dan has sprayed them with a matt black primer.All primers are solvent based with anti corrosive properties.

We then have pressure tested them.Hydrauilcally pressure tested to 6 bar,this is approx 3 times more than most modern central heating systems run at.This is to ensure there are no leaks from sections,gaskets and valves.

We then move them over to our workshop for polishing.

The Finished radiators will be loaded ASAP.

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