Radiator Restoration

We offer a full radiator restoration, resizing and repair service at our extensive workshops in Basildon,Essex.

Dan and his professional team have the expertise and knowledge to build and take apart cast iron radiators making them longer or shorter if you so wish. This enables us to provide original reclaimed cast iron radiators exactly to your requirements.

We don't offer powder coating at our workshops, as in our experience have found through the extreme heat process the radiators go through that it damages gaskets and can cause them to leak at a later date.

We offer a wet spraying service that uses anti corrosive primers and industrial paint which gives a fantastic durable finish.
(Please see our finishes page for more information) there you will notice we offer a colour matching service too!

We hope to inspire you as to what your radiators can look like. Get in touch with us with your enquiry and we will be happy to help you.

Our radiator restoration process for a Cast Iron radiator;

1. Firstly we remove any old fittings, then flush the radiator with high pressure hot water to remove any silt and old deposits that may have built up over the years.

2.Then we fit new 1/2″ reducing bushes ready to accept modern 15mm valves. At this point a visual check for any cracks or defects in the radiator is carried out.

3. If any resizing or known repair work is required it will be done at this stage and the necessary work will be performed on in our dedicated radiator workshop.

4. After this the radiators are then moved into our large capacity blasting unit, where all the layers of paint and any rust & corrosion are carefully removed from the outside of the radiator. Another visual check is undergone at this point once the radiator is clean.

5. Following grit blasting we then move the radiators along to our spray booth where we apply the first coats of primer in either light grey or white if the radiator is being painted or black if the radiator is being polished. All primers used are solvent based with anti corrosive properties.

6. The next stage is to carry out pressure testing. All radiators are hydraulically pressure tested to 5 bar, this is approximately 3 times more than most modern central heating systems will run at. This is to ensure there are no leaks from sections, gaskets and valves. If any bleed valves or air vents are found to be faulty they would be replaced at this stage free of charge. If any repairs are required at this stage they will be quoted for individually and only carried out at the customers request. All radiators tested by us carry a 12 month Guarantee.

6. The last stage is to finish the radiator to the customers desired choice whether that’s painted in the colour of your choice or hand polished.

All our radiator restoration work comes with a 12 month Guarantee.