George Clarke's Old House, New Home

Author: Christina Neate

We were featured on George Clarkes new series 'Old House,New Home' on  Channel 4.

Dan Neate the Owner and Director of,  'Blast Spray Polish LTD' showed George Clarke how to restore original cast iron radiators bringing new life back into what is a prestigious symbol of a period home.

George Clarke spoke to Matt Tree, Owner of 'Casa' in our showroom which George commented was 'cracking!!', Matt is a customer of ours, he salvages and sells cast Iron radiators which he brings to us at Blast Spray Polish for restoration.

We took George Clarke through all the individual steps of how we restore a radiator. The short piece on Channel 4 showed some of the highlights of restoring a radiator including the flushing out process, shot blasting process, top coating a radiator and our polishing technique.

At the end of the clip George Clarke finishes by standing in front of one of our cast iron radiators that he had a go at spray painting himself and says,'This radiator is a thing of beauty, Id even go as far to say it's like a piece of beautiful industrial art.It can work in a period house & if you get the colour right it can work in a contemporary home too'

We would like to thank George Clarke for highlighting that radiators can be a stunning piece of art, in a period or contemporary home. We have always felt the same and that's why we love and are passionate about what we do.

Dan Neate has been active in the architectural salvage world for over 20 years.He has been restoring & selling radiators (original & modern) for trade and private clients for over 15 years. (We restore radiators for various architectual establishments and even supply a well known heating company with polished finishes on their own modern cast iron radiators that they sell through various wholesalers.) 



Post Date: 2016-07-07